Does your child need some extra help?

Just like adults, children also face challenges in their lives from time to time. If they are having persistent trouble with their mood or behaviors, then a child therapist is a good person to talk to. 

 Common reasons why parents reach out to us:

  • Anger and aggression
  • Fighting
  • Frequent suspensions from school 
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Low self-esteem
  • Sexual abuse 
  • Facing trauma or grief
  • Poor social skills 
  • Recently incarcerated parent 
  • Hyperactivity and difficulty focusing 

What to expect

We recognize that every child and family is unique, with different factors contributing to their difficulties, emotions and behaviors. This is why our therapists treat every child presenting with difficulties as an individual and tailor our interventions to meet their specific needs. 

Our therapists will work with you and your child (at any age) to determine the cause of the presenting problem, and create a safe space for your child to be understood and have his or her concerns addressed using cognitive behavioral therapy, play therapy, family therapy, and/or parenting guidance. Therapy sessions take place weekly at the same time each week to help your child gain the maximum benefit. 

Through the therapy process, your child will develop their communication skills and confidence levels, as well as learning how to cope with difficult feelings. The benefit of this includes improving your child's relationship with family and friends and helping to create more meaningful and fulfilling interactions as a family.

Do you have a teenager who is struggling?

Teenagers today face an ever-growing number of challenges. From peer pressure to internet temptations, succeeding in school, to colorism, and managing relationships with friends, siblings and crushes... teenagers have all kinds of pressures and difficult transitions to deal with. If left without help and guidance, these stressors can result in them suffering from depression, stress-related conditions, low self-esteem, suicidal thoughts, and drug and alcohol abuse. 

If you have a child or teenager who is showing some of these typical signs of adolescent problems, then counseling could help:

  • Feeling apathetic or unmotivated 
  • Difficulty in coping with daily life 
  • Excessive worrying
  • Extended period of depression and sadness
  • Noticeable changes in eating 
  • Disturbed sleeping patterns
  • References to suicide or self-harm
  • Apparent changes in personality and mood
  • Sexual promiscuity 
  • Drug/alcohol use
  • Pronounced acts of aggression 

Call us today to see how to help your teenager get back in control of their life.