Our Approach

The goal of individual therapy is to carve out time to focus on you: to reconnect with what motivates you, to discover who you truly are, what your ideal life looks like, and how you can work toward the changes you want in your life.

Reconcile to Reconnect 

When most people think of therapy, their main reference is what they've seen on TV, lying on a long couch while you reveal your inner most secrets to a perfect stranger.  While we will explore past family traumas and help you reconcile with negative things that have happened in your life, the goal is for you and your therapist to build a trusting relationship. The environment in individual therapy should feel like a warm, nonjudgmental conversation with someone who supports your goals and can help give meaning to the struggles in your life. 

As part of your therapy sessions you may be given homework, encouraged to journal or to incorporate new skills into your everyday life. Ultimately you will be given strategies that have been proven to make positive changes in your thoughts, feelings, actions. The ideal setting for individual therapy is an in-person, face-to-face meeting. If in-person doesn’t work for you, due to location or schedule constraints, we can also meet with you over Zoom.

The Brain-Body Connection

Many people come to therapy from having a difficult childhood, that sometimes you remember and sometimes you don't. With the new findings of brain development and working with trauma, we focus on the brain body connection to help facilitate moving forward in life. We understand that talking itself doesn't fix anything, and recounting negative experiences and talking about difficulties in your childhood can actually bring those reactions up in your body without resolving them, which can make trauma worse. Or, you make talk, and actually not feel any connection to the words you are saying. 

Our bodies carry a lot of the messages that we need to hear and reconnect to.  With the tools and techniques used at Kindred Connections Therapy Center, we teach you how to begin working through trauma and help you recover from fearful, unsafe or threatening events. We focus less on your trauma story and more on what your body is experiencing in response to your past, and how your nervous system is responding to current triggers in life. We work with you to take the mystery out of the triggers you are experiencing now, to get your body and your mind feeling safe and calm.